Witches spoted in mexico

Do you think this is real personaly i have my doubts but if its not real witches then what is it. Please hit comments and leave your opinions.

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I just put it out there and you can decide for your self if what you see is real or not.
-The truth is out there-

Million pound reward offered for Loch Ness monster

A British bookmaker offered a one million pounds ($2 million in u.s dollars) reward on Monday to anyone who can prove that Scotland’s legendary Loch Ness monster does actually exist.

Bookmakers William Hill are supplying up to 50,000 instant cameras to fans attending a Loch Ness pop festival next weekend.

We are hoping the one million pound bounty will help to solve one of the great enigmas of modern times,” William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said.

The winner will have to offer proof that satisfies experts at London’s Natural History Museum.

The bookmakers are confident the bounty will not be claimed at the Rock Ness music festival on June 9 and 10 (they are offering odds of 250-1) about it happening in 2007.

UFO Alien Roswell Crash Parts up close!!

This is so cool its actual parts from the same crash site. (See ufo crash footage below.)

(Supposedly) the gov has told conflicting storys while most actuall eye witnesses had been threatened not to talk on the matter but before that they told everyone and the word got out shortly after footage from some of the people that worked for the military supposedly leaked some footage amazed by what they were wittensing. Below is another of the actuall videos this is supposed to be parts and debris from the crash site where the aliens were found 2 confirmed dead aliens and possiably 1 or more still liveing at the time but 1 was damaged badly and probally didnt live.
What happend to the liveing alien?
My theroy is he was still alive and well at roswell untill the ronald reagen era when he was used in regans star wars initiave as trade to other aliens for techonledgy.

brick laying and is creative

Home owners invest in quality material and designs. For these homeowners, a house isn’t just a living space. Iit’s an expression of who they are and they take pride in having a beautiful home. Attractive walls and pavement lend an air of elegance to, as well as add to the overall resale value of a home. Decorative brick laying involves laying the bricks in patterns or complex designs. A combination of different bricks, stones and paving material combine to create a finished worl of art that is practical, functional, yet pleasing to the eye.

This money making idea is just the thing for the energetic person who knows the intricasies of brick laying and is creative to boot. He takes brick laying to another level, making his brick laying projects a work of art. As you start out, you’ll want to market your skills. The best way to do this is to start compiling a portfolio of your work. After each project, take a couple of photos of your work and put them into an album. Then, you could start placing ads in home owner magazines or your local daily. You could leave your calling card or flyer in newly completed homes. That way, new owners who want to enhance their homes can give you a call. Then it’s all about selling your skills and your work. This is where your portfolio comes in. Every finished project builds on your reputation, so make each job count!


Christmas trees

Christmas trees. As a kid, I used to lie down beside our Christmas tree with my family and just enjoy looking at the lights and ornamentsthe presents too of course. Now my kids love to do the same. Not everyone has the space or budget for a Christmas tree in their home or office though. So what can you do about this? Why space-saving Mini Christmas trees of course.

Mini Christmas trees are great because they can be set up anywhere you want including your desk. They can range anywhere from six to eighteen inches high. They’re really fun and brighten up your work place. The make a great conversation piece too. If you’re planning on using natural material, then you’ve got to source for discarded bits of trees that can be turned into your Mini Christmas trees. If that’s not possible, then making your own trees out of plastic or recycled material is also an option. You’ve got to dress up the tree with mini ornaments and trimmings. The good thing about Mini Christmas trees is that you don’t need to use loads of decoration and lights and they’re non-perishable, so you can keep unsold stock for next year. It’s also a great way for businesses to market their brand. You could contact companies who might want to give their clients a unique gift for Christmasand what’s more unique than a mini Christmas tree? If their products are small, you could even use them as the ornaments on their tree! Keep in mind you want your trees to look nice so don’t go overboard. This is a great money maker for the creatively inclined!

(scrap metal).

Believe it or not, there was a report in the local daily recently about thieves who broke into a golf course and stole the metal linings in the putting holes! Apparently, these could be sold as scrap metal and what’s even more surprising is that if you have enough of them, you could make quite a nice profit! A scrap metal dealer in the report said that they paid very little to the people who brought in these scrap metal items compared to the price they got when they sold their loads of scrap metal to the metal companies to be re-cycled or processed into metal sheets. Reading this, I finally realized why I have two highly educated friends who are in this business when they could easily be sitting in a comfy, air conditioned office!

This money maker isn’t for you if you’re afraid of hard or dirty work. You need to be comfortable working with junk (scrap metal). You will need a large area to store scrap metal that you collect from your many sources. I trust that you will be careful to avoid getting your scrap metal from suspicious sources lest you be accused of buying stolen merchandise. You will probably have to invest in a truck to ferry your scrap metal to the metal factories and you will need to employ workers to help you out. At the rate that consumers seems to be throwing things out, it doesn’t seem likely that there will be any shortage of scrap metal for you. It seems one man’s junk is another man’s money!