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Todays Teen Music & Chat

The internet is a big community, and just like in any community there are people who should be avoided.

Teaching your teens the dangers of internet chat and how to avoid them can result in a positive online experience for your teen.

Teen chat rooms are probably the most popular and most dangerous areas in cyberspace. Think of a chat room as a huge party line where teens from all around the world can converse in real time.

One of the safest places for teens to get together and talk is they have some of best teen chat rooms. Everyone in the chat room can see what everyone else is typing. Some chat rooms are moderated; some have monitors or chaperons.

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Moderated chat rooms are the best they have “speakers” who lead the conversation. Most of these conversations are centered on specific topics chosen by the moderator.

The moderator ensures that participants in the discussion group adhere to the guidelines, solicits comments and questions, provides resources and ensures the discussion stays on topic. These types of chat rooms are similar to class discussions at your local school

Supervised chat rooms are usually monitored for content. The supervisor is responsible for maintaining order, grant or deny access to the chat room, investigate all reported problems and maintain the site.

Supervisors suspend users from the room who are acting inappropriately. It is important to realize that supervisors are not always human.

Some chat rooms have software programs that act as supervisors which scan for inappropriate language and block user profiles.

By far, the majority of chat rooms are unsupervised which means all topics are open for discussion. This also increases the incidence of harassment and the ability for minor to enter unsupervised adult areas.

Chat rooms are usually divided by specific interests. It is best to caution your teen about not entering a chat room focusing on adult content.

Be forewarned though, just because a chat room is designated as “teens only” doesn’t mean that adult topics are not discussed.

Be especially careful of chat rooms that allow entry into private chat areas. Most private chat areas are truly private where you have to be invited to attend the chat. But many are just another “room” in which anyone can enter and spy on the conversation.

When choosing a username for chat rooms it is best to create one that is gender neutral. Many users choose names which reflect part of their personality and allow some type of anonymity.

Unfortunately, with anonymity also comes a false sense of security. Most teens feel safe chatting with others believing their identity is kept secret. This often leads to foul language, harassment, inappropriate conversations, and cyber sex.

Parents have several options available to help monitor their teen’s online activities. The most popular option is the installation of parental control software.

Remember, teaching teens about internet safety and how to make appropriate choices is an invaluable skill that will last a lifetime.

Amber Dotson

Amber Dotson’s voice is soulful and full-bodied, soaked in emotion and unmistakably country. Her songs focus on the everyday ups-and-downs of a woman coping with love, romance and life. The melodies and arrangements are unfussy and gimmick-free. Musically and vocally, this Texas native is bringing new life to that old feeling that once was such a big part of country music.

Garland, Texas.

The beginning:
“I remember my dad teaching me how to two-step, dancing around our pool table, listening to Merle Haggard, George Strait, Marty Robbins and Willie Nelson.”

Getting Serious:
After winning local singing competitions – performing anywhere she could – and singing demos in Dallas, Amber moved to Nashville in her early 20s.

Finding her voice:
A devoted fan of Reba McEntire and Patty Loveless, she soon discovered another touchstone artist who has profoundly affected her. “I’d never really listened to Tammy Wynette or studied her style before I moved to Nashville, but once I really started listening to her, it all clicked. You can’t not believe every word she sings. You knew that she’d lived it. I’ve never consciously tried to imitate her, but after I’d lived life a little bit, my dad pointed it out to me when he said to me one day ‘Your voice Amber – there’s more soul in it now.’ Thank you Tammy.”

“When I got to Nashville and signed with Sony/Tree, I learned how to swim by being thrown into the river. You walk into the office and pass by these huge portraits of all these great songwriters, and by the time you get to the end of the hall, HOLY COW, I’m supposed to write a song now?! But I learned and got better.”

Condensed theory on songwriting:
“Try to come up with something cool, make something rhyme with it, and hopefully touch someone else’s life.”

Working woman:
“I was working three jobs – one was delivering lost luggage from the airport. I still hate to carry luggage. I also worked at a computer company in an office with no windows, and I bartended and waited tables. My singing career was on a roller coaster ride the whole time, and I finally got to the point where I felt that maybe I was not supposed to be in this slow-as-a-hydraulic-worm music business. Maybe I’m just supposed to have a normal life and leave Nashville to some other singer. That’s when everything happened.”

That grit in her voice?:
“I’m deathly allergic to cats, but I had a roommate in Nashville who had a cat. My voice got so bad that people were asking me, ‘How many cigarettes did you smoke today?’ I don’t smoke, but my voice was so gravelly that I finally went to the doctor and he told me my throat was totally inflamed. It was Kitty. Since then my voice has had that sound to it. When I told my managers, Erv Woolsey and Donny Kees, what was going on, Erv said, ‘I kinda like it. You’re going to have to get a cat on the bus.’”

Fun Facts:
Instruments: Guitar, piano
Favorite Food: Mexican
Guilty pleasure: Whataburger with cheese and jalapenos
Favorite Movie: Lonesome Dove
Who would you want to play you in a movie?: Sandra Bullock
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite season: Spring
Hobby: Bass fishing
Pets: Fender, a little ten pound poodle. His registered name is High Strung Fender.
Music in the family: Dad sang in a band that played around Odessa, Texas. Mom used to play the clarinet. Little sister sings.
Other family connection: Mom is the personal assistant to Ross Perot.
Big win: In college the choir sang at Carnegie Hall after winning a national competition.
Fun win: At 20, won a trip to Cancun from a Karaoke contest.

Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss started playing the violin when she was five. She quickly grew tired of the rigors of classical music and started playing bluegrass. By the age of eight, she was playing in talent contests, and by 12 had won Illinois State Fiddle Championship. She was signed to Rounder Records by 14. Her debut album Too Late To Cry, was recorded in 1987, two years later, with her band Union Station (Jeff White, Alison Brown, and Viktor Krauss), and released to critical acclaim. In ’88, the band won Society’s National Band Championship, and in ’89, they won a Grammy.
Alison Krauss + Union Station.

Alison Krauss has the voice of an angel which is proven time & again on albums she releases. “Lonely Runs Both Ways” is a spectacular piece of work that also features Union Station members Ron Block, Dan Tyminsky, Jerry Douglas, & Barry Bales.
“Gravity” is what people sometimes need to hold them down & keep them grounded, as illustrated in the album’s first track. First single, “Restless,” is about feelings that cannot escape a person’s heart because they hurt so much. “There’s a restless feeling in my bones & I know that at times it just won’t go away” Alison sings.

Dan Tyminski sings the uptempo “Rain Please Go Away,” & it sounds like traditional bluegrass through & through which is no surprise since Del McCoury wrote the song. “Goodbye Is All We Have” finds Alison heading north after a breakup because she feels it is time she strikes out on her own. “Unionhouse Branch” is a wonderful instrumental written by Union Station’s Jerry Douglas & features the dobro, fiddle, banjo, guitar, & bass. Dan sings lead again on “Pastures of Plenty,” while Ron Block sings “I Don’t Have To Live This Way.”

“My Poor Old Heart” is a wonderfully written song about a true love that was going to last forever, that is until the winds of change swept in on their hearts & left them full of doubt. Alison’s voice can sound haunting (in a good way) at times which is the case on the beginning of “If I Didn’t Know Any Better.” “A Living Prayer” is a beautiful close to a wonderful album.