The Keys To Creating Independent Wealth

It will take time, but to create independent wealth, you need to build, buy and manage assets. What do I mean by assets? I mean stocks, government, corporate and municipal bonds, mutual funds, interest bearing accounts, businesses (including web based businesses), partial ownership in businesses, IP (including books, music, etc), rental real estate, etc. Investments that pay you money are assets. It will take time to build up enough assets that pay you enough so that you can quit your job and run for office or whatever you want to do.

You cannot really catapult yourself to wealth. No money down real estate is VERY risky. Most MLM salesmen don’t make very much money. Real bad scams abound. Take the time and build your portfolio of assets correctly. Study potential investments carefully. Be prepared to stick with your journey for the long haul. Hire an excellent fee only financial planner or broker to help you. Check for references and do a background check on your broker or financial planner! Prepare a complete business plan, research the market and the competition, and determine if your business is feasible, if you are going to start a business. Again, help may be required. And be advised, getting people to buy your stuff is HARD!

Read the Millionaire Next Door and model yourself after self made millionaires. Most self made millionaires live below their means and buy assets with the difference. The millionaires of the U.S. found profitable niches and exploited them. It took some time for the millionaires profiled to become wealthy. We are talking years. I would shy away from ANYONE telling me I could become wealthy instantly.

How much do you need to retire? You will probably need a million dollars, unless you are going to live as cheap as a college student. If you want to escape the rat race that bad, I would change careers and start a business on the side. A good withdrawal rate from your investments would be 5% or less.

Creating and executing your plan to create independent wealth won’t be easy, but don’t quit! Keep saving, investing, studying, learn new skills, and never quit, and I bet you have a good chance of ultimately reaching your goal.

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German Ranking Tool for German Search Engines. by Velocityscape. Determine top ranking Keywords & Phrases for any Website at (Beta) by Velocityscap. The sequel to loaded with new features and packed with over twenty times more data – Your Ranking in Google for a Keyword (scans up to pos. 1,000, Google API Key required) monitor organic rankings in Google for 10 keywords/urls and 1 months free or 75 keywords/urls and 6 months of data for $9 per month.
Yahoo! Site Explorer – Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search
Cool SEO Tool by WeBuildPages Check Yahoo! Rank and MSN Rank, Indexed Pages in Google and Yahoo!, Back Links, All-In anchor rank, Domain Age, Phrase Count.
Special Google Search – shows Ranking in front of results but not as much information as original Google SERPs.
Keyword Verification by Market Leap. KV checks to see if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword. – egoSurf finds your blogs or website ranking in google and provides an egoScore

Link popularity check by Market Leap is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website’s online awareness and overall visibility.
Search Engine Saturation by Market Leap. Tool to determine the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain.

List of Google Datacenters – IP’s and Hostname of the many Google Datacenters
Scroogle Tool to compare ranking of a page for a key phrase at over 20 Google Datacenters
Yahoo Results Scraper at; includes Yahoogle feature to see the same sites rank in Google.
Google Dance query Google’s 3 main web servers.

Note: There are no monthly Google Dances anymore. Google is now constantly “dancing”, but you can still use this tool to check for differences in Ranking at the different main Google Datacenters.

Alexa Website Statistics – Traffic Analysis and Ranking based on Alexa Toolbar Stats
Alexa Rank Comparison Tool get Traffic History Graph for any Site

Page Strength Tool – A Search Engine Optimization Metric by Matt Inman and Rand Fishkin

Free Monitor for Google Windows Desktop Tool by Free Download.
Accurate Monitor for Search Engines Desktop SE Monitor Software available at Uses Google and Yahoo API, Tracks organic and PPC Results. $100-$150 License. 30 Days free trial available.
Web Ranking by ApexPacific; Search Engine Ranking and Web Site Position tool
FastSearch – Surveillance and Enforcement Services (among much more Search Releated Services) – See Google Data Center SERPs ( and how they look for users from different countries.

techniques Google might use

Here are a few techniques Google might use (remember to think like a search engine):

Google might start valuing inbound links within paragraphs much higher than links that stand on their own. (For all we know, Google is already doing this.) Such links are much less likely to be the product of a link exchange, and therefore more likely to be genuine “democratic” votes.

Google might look at the concentration of inbound links across a website. If most inbound links point to the home page, that is another possible indicator of a link exchange, or at least that the site’s content is not important enough to draw inbound links (and it is content that Google wants to deliver to its searchers).

Google might take a sample of inbound links to a domain, and check to see how many are reciprocated back to the linking domains. If a high percentage are reciprocated, Google might reduce the site’s PageRank accordingly. Or it might set a cut-point, dropping from its index any website with too many of its inbound links reciprocated.

Google might start valuing outbound links more highly. Two pages with 100 inbound links are, in theory, valued equally, even if one has 20 outbound links and the other has none. But why should Google send its searchers down a dead-end street, when the information highway is paved just as smoothly on a major thoroughfare?

Google might weigh a website’s outbound link concentration. A website with most outbound links concentrated on just a few pages is more likely to be a “link-exchanger” than a site with links spread out across its pages.
Google might use a combination of these techniques and ones not mentioned here. We cannot predict the exact algorithm, nor can we assume that it will remain constant. What we can do is to prepare our websites to look and act like a website would on a “democratic” Web as Google would see it.

For Google to hold its own against upstart search engines, it must deliver on its PageRank promise. Its results reflect the “democratic” nature of the Web. Its algorithm must prod webmasters to give links on their own merit. That won’t be easy or even completely possible. And people will always find ways to turn Google’s algorithm to their advantage. But the techniques above can send the Internet a long way back to where Google promises it will be.

Dont use frams on your websites

Frames are considered not to be search engine friendly. Using frames you will cut your site from creating of different page addresses. Since the number of pages is counted for the site value and relevancy in the SERPs, you need to create as many pages as you can. Using Non-framed site will facilitate your users as well when they use Add to favorites or copy your URL to specific page, since in the framed sites all the pages adopt the home page address.

automatic URL rewriting

Dynamic web sites, managed by complex Content Management Systems (CMS), offer the webmaster greater flexibility and efficiency over hand-coded HTML. The use of a database allows your data to be easily stored, processed, and output. A database-driven system also your content units to be easy delivered for displaying using many search criteria and in multiple formats. Showing the searched information every time the user performs selects to request it , will allow your site to gain more popularity and to increase the user retention indicators.

The URL structure concerns the most important part of the optimization process. If your URL type is
you can make it more readable by mode_rewrite.
This way your URL will read:

The automatic URL rewriting is one of the very cool new methods you can use to prepare your pages for an easy indexing.

(webdesign) Using a table structured layout

Using a table structured layout can make your content easy to find understand. The use of tables on a web page allows you complete control over the look and format of a page. Tables are especially useful in creating clear navigation sections, a great way to help users intuitively find the core logic of your site organization. Tables are also well accepted by Google for their ability to put organization in the content. You will see later in this tutorial how you can use tables to improve your search engine visibility.

(More) To be most effective, the table structure of your site needs to be especially clean and well-organized. Arranging your content in tables will allow the spiders to find the logic of your content organization. How it can happen? When your table structure follows the content logic, your content will be spidered and classified better. If you have for example text descriptions for every product, you can set in the table name the name of the product or the name of the category group. Use equal table names and structures for your equal content units.

Structurally Sound Web Sites

The homepage of your web site may be the doorway to your online business, but the structure of the site behind the door is just as important as its curb appeal. An intelligent structure to the subsections of web site is the cornerstone of search engine optimization. To implement the right optimization process, you should follow these guidelines: First, define the right linking structure and hierarchy for your site. It is great to have a site filled with great information, but that information has to organized into If you have several categories, well structured with different content areas, be sure to link the top-level categories in the navigation on your Home page. The entry page of your site is the most important not only for the visitors; it is of great value to the spiders and thus needs to present all the linking requirements carefully completed. Secondly, you need to adapt the site code to be easily read.